Funeral or Memorial or Life-celebration

Funeral venue

Whenever we suffer a tragic loss of a loved one, we are confronted with so many decisions that have to be made and one of those decisions is what form of service will be best for the occasion.

Amongst many choices there are three dominant choices in our society:

  1. A traditional funeral service
  2. A fitting memorial service
  3. A life celebration gathering

Your special farewell may be any one of these or a subtle combination of all. Our social development has seen us move away from strict tradition and adopt more personalized farewell “services”. 

How uplifting it is to celebrate a person’s life spent on earth when the opportunity is created to bestow reflections of appreciation onto a deceased person for how they touched our lives. There definitely is a growing trend to rather celebrate these positives in a respectful and meaningful way.

Traditional funerals and memorial services are still the accepted norm in many societies and tend to be more solemn and structured according to age old tradition. 

Whatever form of service you wish to adopt, it needs to be done in a venue of choice. More recently there has been a shift from the tradition of just using a church as final choice of venue. Relaxed, tranquil surroundings are often preferred as it’s considered more appealing due to aesthetics, peaceful surroundings, capacity etc.

Due to the limited numbers allowed at funeral gatherings under Covid regulations, it is virtually impossible to have an intimate, personal experience in a church or hall designed to accommodate hundreds or thousands of people.  It is for this reason that smaller, more intimate venues are preferred to still create a warm, welcoming ambience for those present, even considering the social distancing prescriptions. 

Andante Boutique Lodge offers a funeral venue that is most befitting the farewell of a loved one. It’s tranquil setting between many trees and lush gardens creates a peaceful ambience where goodbyes can be said in a beautiful way.

Even though Andante Boutique Lodge is centrally situated only minutes away from the R21 and N1 highways within approximately 8 km from Menlyn Centre, the surroundings create an ambience associated with a rural venue in a natural surrounding.

The venue has a 160 seater hall with all the necessary amenities such as a big screen projector, first class restrooms, refreshment area and ample behind-gate parking. Should you choose to conduct the service in the open, Andante Lodge has an outdoor, open-air chapel that reduces the Covid risk even more. This venue is nestled between huge trees and with it’s tiled flooring and structured layout, it allows for a sophisticated natural ambience with no compromise on modern facilities such as first class restrooms and a beautiful refreshment area.

At Andante Lodge, we will walk the extra mile to ensure the final goodbyes you make to your deceased loved-ones will be gracious and fitting for the occasion. 




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