Give them hope Childrens Home Christmas Party

Give them hope Childrens Home Christmas Party at Andante Lodge

Andante Lodge was blessed today with the presence of around 40 kids for the Give them hope Childrens Home Christmas Party. With the sponsorship of  a few good-hearted samaritans they were treated to a Christmas lunch, great gifts, and a lot of fun in the pool and on the jumping castle.

Major sponsor and organizer, Dr Mariska Botha , regularly attends to the home’s medical needs and decided to arrange this wonderful day to brighten up the lives of these beautiful children. The only element in short supply was energy. After a few hours on the jumping castle, some just couldn’t carry on and decided a cat-nap was just what the doctor ordered. Great Fun!

After Father Christmas handed out the gifts, it was quickly realized that swopping gifts could have great results. Very soon the models were kitted with dresses, aspiring pilots with flying model planes and a few opted for life in the fast lane with push-along motorcycles! Laughter and happy faces were the order of the day. Our hearts were filled with compassion and gratefulness that we could contribute in such a very small way to their happiness.

The weather played along giving us a cool cloudy cover until the pool got occupied, then , as if ordered, we were adorned with lots of sunlight.

Andante Lodge enjoyed hosting this special event in the true spirit of Christmas. We loved brightening these kids’ day and giving them their share of Christmas. For us it was one of the best gifts we could ask for.

A great thank you to all who contributed to make this day so very special, especially Dr Mariska Botha and all her saints.

Elmo, Ingrid and the rest of the Andante Lodge team

. Dr Mariska Botha as Father Christmas Dr Mariska Botha as Father Christmas


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