Corona safety protocol for guest accommodation

Corona safety protocol for guest accommodation

Andante Lodge has adopted a strict Corona safety protocol for guest accommodation at their Pretoria East accommodation Lodge. Considering the serious nature of the Corona virus and the contagious severity, we have employed whatever measures we can to minimize the risk of possible infection for all our guests.

Fortunately, our structural layout is already conducive to reduce the risk of cross contamination due to the following reasons:

  1. Good physical isolation between accommodation units due to our outdoor and separate entrance layout.
  2. The lack of centralized air-conditioning or any other cross flowing air due to any shared ducting.
  3. The absence of any covered common movement area to and from all accommodation units.

To further enhance our fight against Covid 19, we have introduced the following safety protocol:

  1. Strict and controlled daily sanitizing of all accommodation units using various broad spectrum disinfectants on all surfaces, beds and bedding as well as air-conditioning units.
  2. Social distancing and wearing of masks as prescribed .
  3. Any other measures deemed necessary as conveyed to us from relevant authorities

We have introduced this corona safety protocol with immediate effect and will implement further measures should it become prescribed or available and deemed effective.

Andante Lodge is 100% committed to provide a safe and comfortable stay for all travellers whilst preventing the spreading of the novel Covid 19 virus by implementing a Corona safety protocol for guest accommodation.

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